Latest Style

This is the latest realism like style I’ve been playing around with. Still don’t feel like I quite get color yet, one day I might get a real handle on it but for now I’m still learning.

Giveaways and realism

I recently hosted a giveaway with people entering to win a drawing done by me of themselves and a parent, or parent figure, and this was the result! The girl was very happy it, as was I. It’s probably the most I’ve completely a realistic work like this since it was actually meant for someone besides myself. The other drawing I did was of one of those pictures I just had to get down. I got it done in about a day and am very happy not just with how it turned out but also the intentional artistic choices I made to emphasize different aspects of the drawing.

I haven’t been drawing as much realism lately, or at least I’ve been moving in a more stylistic, playful direction. While it’s been a lot of fun to explore that, returning to realism still gives me a great sense of accomplishment and if anything, definitely helps me to further clarify that stylistic discovery I’ve been on. Within my realism, I still find myself. I think in trying to depict someone realistically, by trying to create something that not only LOOKS like them but really FEELS like them and that moment, I can’t help but feel like I’m closer to them, like I’ve gotten to know them somehow. And maybe, in that same way, I know myself better. Consciousness, being-ness, experiencing itself.

Music and something new

Been wanting to accompany my art posts with the music I’ve been playing on repeat while they were made. So much of what I do does not exist in one contained place, it’s part of the time and place I was at and that often includes what’s been playing on the background while these were made. So much of how I look at them is with music in mind. So, as of recently, I’ve been posting my work with said songs. Maybe someone will look at my work with those songs playing in their background too, and maybe discover something more than just my work, the work of others too.


A852D2A5-EAE9-4E33-8B9B-C75A90CA5456This show ended, one of my favorite shows ended. After finishing it, I knew I had to make this piece, a still from the final scene, and I was making it just for me. I was emotional to say the least, as I watched the final moments of a show I love so much come to an end. A show can change your life, sometimes just in it’s existence and way of entertaining you, and sometimes in how and what it’s speaking to you. This show was truly brilliant, and funny enough, impossibly human. It’s exactly what a show should be and I’m so thankful to have been alive in a time and place in which such great work exists. It’s amazing what people can do. Often it feels like there can’t be anything more perfect to be made, and yet, again and again, it happens and we get to not only watch it become, but, every so often, we get to be a part of it.

More complete

Always closer and closer to something more complete, something that thankfully never will be.

I’ve realized as my artwork develops and moves into these different places, that all I’ve done before has been this incremental accumulation of different things I’ve tried and like or tried and decided not to keep. My personal growth in artwork will never be done, but it does get ever closer to something more me, and more finished. That is the endless fun of it! Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


In this reference picture, the woman appears to be at some sort of music festival and all I could think was how perfect this captured moment.


to gather, together9AC07D30-DF48-4D1D-A99C-1011B720BF4A

A friend and her new baby

My friend just took in this new baby and has been posting pics of her nonstop. She posted this particular picture and I knew I had to make it. Since I’ve been using procreate a lot lately, I felt the need to do something more physical and tangible and decided to do it in paper rather than draw it. So here it is! I love the way it looks with my other pieces. Excited to fill out my home with art. Thrifted the frames which definitely gave me more motivation to finish it and made it feel more complete when I was done.